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The Reunion Ride
"Not your mama's Bike-A-Thon!"

August 25–29, 2010
Lone Pine to Mono Lake

Mono Lake Committee Board of Directors David Kanner and Brent Coeur-Barron organized a reunion of cyclists who love Mono Lake to trace part of the historic Bike-A-Thon route.

In August 2010, three intrepid former Bike-A-Thoners took on the five-day, 120-mile ride from Lone Pine to Mono Lake. Congratulations to these hardy folks for bringing back the ride. Long live Mono Lake!

2010 Reunion Ride riders


The Mono Lake Committee's Bike-A-Thon took place from 1980 until 1995. The six-day, 350-mile ride began in front of the Department of Water & Power headquarters in Los Angeles, where riders filled vials from the reflecting pool.

Bike-A-Thon begins in LA

After riding through the desert and the deep Owens Valley along the Eastern Sierra, the Bike-A-Thoners emptied their vials into Mono Lake, returning the water to the lake in a symbolic gesture.

Bike-A-Thoners on Hwy 395

After the 1994 State Water Board decision provided concrete protection for Mono Lake, the Bike-A-Thoners had one last ride in 1995: the Victory Ride.

Bike-A-Thon ends at Mono Lake