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All images, text, and design on the Mono Lake Websites (including,,, and are exclusively the property of the Mono Lake Committee, with the exception of donated material which remains exclusively the property of the person that made the donation and/or the Mono Lake Committee. Use of any materials found on these Websites is prohibited without permission (permission is automatically granted below for some uses).


Individuals browsing the Mono Lake Websites have permission to view, print, and electronically save pages, text, and images for personal use.


Permission is granted for educational use of text found on the Mono Lake Websites. Educational use includes students using material for reports and presentations and teachers using material for classroom use. Word-for-word copying of text by students is strongly discouraged, since it is inappropriate in most situations. This permission does not extend to use of donated material contained within pages—contact us or the owner for permission.

Please contact us for permission to use images for educational uses other than classroom use. Use is usually granted if credit is given to the Mono Lake Committee and if we receive a copy of the publication. This type of use includes documentaries, field classes, tours, and publications. In cases where the photographer of an image is noted, please contact us or that individual for permission.


Please contact us for permission to use images and text for commercial use. For uses inconsistent with the mission statement of the Mono Lake Committee, permission will be denied.


Please contact us for permission to use images on other Websites. In all cases where permission is granted, credit and a link will be required. Use of text on other websites is generally prohibited—please link to our page instead. In some cases, links to our Websites from certain other Websites are inappropriate or misleading, and we may request that such links are removed. Please contact us for details.


In no case is permission granted for using material for illegal or unethical activities, or activities contrary to the mission statement of the Mono Lake Committee.


The Mono Lake Committee is a non-profit citizen's group dedicated to protecting and restoring the Mono Basin Ecosystem; educating the public about Mono Lake and the impacts on the environment of excessive water use; and promoting cooperative solutions that protect Mono Lake and meet real water needs without transferring environmental problems to other areas.





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