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Teacher Curricula

Mono Lake provides an outstanding model to teach a host of subjects and curriculum concepts. Earth sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, history, politics, and the visual arts—Mono Lake offers wonderful multi-disciplinary possibilities.

The Mono Lake Committee has many resources available for teachers, among them the Mono Lake Teaching Packet. This student workbook and instructor guide has 15 in-depth lessons and activities on topics ranging from geology and ecology to human history and water conservation. Each chapter is accented with teacher's lesson notes to guide any educator as he or she teaches about Mono Lake. Complete with maps, time lines, charts, and many interactive lessons, this workbook is a must for any teacher who wants to introduce his or her class to Mono Lake. Available for $17.95, click here for ordering and shipping information.

You can also email the Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve for their educational materials.





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