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Educating the public about Mono Lake and the impacts of excessive water use is the centerpiece of the Mono Lake Committee's mission. Every year the Mono Lake Committee leads education programs that reach thousands of people.

Before 1978, few people in California had ever heard of Mono Lake, yet millions of people in Los Angeles were unknowingly using water diverted from its tributary streams. Education has made the difference in protecting Mono Lake and conserving water in Los Angeles.

Today over a quarter million people a year visit Mono Lake. The long-term health and protection of Mono Lake depends on continued public understanding and appreciation for this vital water resource, as well as support for its protection.

Committee staff teach about Mono Lake every day
2009 OE Instructor Hillary Behr teaches students about tufa formation.

The Committee's education staff and volunteers use science-based programs to teach students about Mono Lake's natural history and the significance of the Mono Lake water issue. During the summer, we offer daily interpretive walks, weekend canoe tours, and a variety of weekend field seminars.

Whether it's a focused day of birding, an introduction to Mono Lake's natural history, or an in-depth discussion of Mono Lake hydrology we have expert staff that can lead field programs for a variety of students and groups.




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Contact education staff

Rose Nelson
Education Director
PO Box 29
Lee Vining, CA 93541
(760) 647-6595 x113

Santiago Escruceria
Outdoor Education Center Manager
PO Box 29
Lee Vining, CA 93541
(760) 647-6595 x136

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