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Environmental Education

The Mono Lake Committee offers a range of educational programs and opportunities for student field trips.

Each year we lead programs for a wide variety of education groups from third graders to graduate students. Sites include the Mono Lake shoreline, volcanoes, riparian canyons, and the high Sierra Nevada alpine environment. There is an ideal location for every group and area of focus.

Brine shrimp through a magnifier. Archive photo.

Working in partnership with the Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area, and the Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, our staff and volunteers lead programs for over a thousand students and teachers each year. Mono Lake committee staff and docents are well-trained, and many are longtime Mono Basin residents who stay up to speed on local research, and have years of experience teaching in the field.

Email Education Director Rose Nelson or call (760) 647-6595 for more information or to schedule a group.


Programs & Field Sites

South Tufa: Exploring Mono Lake up close

Panum Crater: Plug-dome volcanoes and earth sciences

Creeks, Diversions, and Water Issues

Mono Lake is for the birds


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