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Education in Los Angeles

In 1941 the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power completed an aqueduct between the Mono Basin and Los Angeles. Ever since then, the lake and the city have been connected by a need for the same water. Because of this intimate connection, the Mono Lake Committee provides educational programs in Los Angeles.

Programs are offered in schools of all grades consisting of a slide show about Mono Lake, a tufa-making science experiment, and other activities tailored to the age group. Students become teachers in a collaboration between the Mono Lake Committee, members of the Los Angeles Water Conservation Council (a group of community-based organizations in LA), and the Peer Partners in Environmental Education program of the Center for Environmental Education.

High school and middle school students are given a presentation and training on the Mono Basin ecosystem, their watershed and sources of their water, water conservation, and actions they can take to make a difference. They then develop and make presentations in teams of three to nearby elementary school classes, where they are very popular teachers with the younger students.

The student-teachers come away having consolidated their learning by teaching others and are inspired to do more. Some do water audits of their school with the help of the DWP or local water agency. In many cases, members of LAWCC bring members of their communities to Mono Lake in the summers as part of the Outdoor Education Center program.

For more information about education programs in Los Angeles, or how you can host a program in your school, contact Education Director Rose Nelson at (760) 647-6595 x113.


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