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Watts Labor Community Action Committee
Los Angeles Water Conservation Council

WLCAC provides community services as well as residential and community development support to South Central Los Angeles residents and communities. The WLCAC's former Ultra Low-Flush Toilet Distribution Program provided jobs in the community while improving infrastructure for people
that normally could not afford it.

WLCACIn 1965, several months before South Central Los Angeles burst into the destructive frustration which became known as the Watts riots, a group of concerned union leaders organized the Watts Labor Community Action Committee. Their goal was to stimulate economic change and improve the quality of life for poor families living in South Central Los Angeles. WLCAC was established as a non-profit, community organization with longtime Watts resident Ted Watkins as president. Immediately after the disastrous riots, WLCAC intensified its efforts to change the physical and economic despair of Watts. With a volunteer staff, WLCAC created employment training programs and began rebuilding neighborhoods. Today, WLCAC is one of the largest and most successful community-based organizations in the country, with an international reputation for expertise in community self-help and a field office in London, England.

Funding for WLCAC's many social service programs has come from federal, state and local governments, as well as from private donations and foundation grants. Unlike many similar organizations, however, WLCAC has several components which generate and recycle income within the community it serves.


Watts Labor Community Action Committee is directed to impact the community in a positive fashion, improving the lives of the people WLCAC serves. WLCAC wishes to get others in joint participation to help develop projects and improve this vital area within Los Angeles. Through the following programs WLCAC is continuing with the dream of its founder, Ted Watkins:

  • Manpower Training - Training youth and adults in computer operations, retail sales, security services, banking, bookkeeping and clerical fields
  • Senior Citizen Program - recreational activities, educational programs, health screening, field trips, day care and hot meals to the elderly
  • Child Care - child care for children 3 months to 5 years of age, 12 hours per day, five days per week, serving the low to moderate income families
  • Greater Watts Transportation - mini-busses, equip with wheelchair lifts are used to provide door-to-door transportation for the elderly or physically handicapped to senior centers, health-care facilities, shopping centers, and community service facilities for a nominal fee
  • Energy Conservation - Handiworker, Weatherization, and Fire Hydrant Maintenance Programs - yard clean-up, house painting, minor kitchen and bath repairs, roof patching and formerly the free ULFT exchange program
  • Mental Health Transitional Living Program - WLCAC operates two semi-independent living facilities for people who have been released from psychiatric hospitals, but whom are not yet ready to resume completely independent lives.
  • Homeless Assistance Programs - WLCAC helps homeless individuals and families gain stability in their lives, providing emergency motel vouchers and groceries to permanent housing
Contact Info

Teryl Watkins, President WLCLC
10950 So. Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90059



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