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Outdoor Education Center
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The Outdoor Education Center (OEC) program connects urban youth to the source of their water through outdoor activities. Canoeing, hiking, and service projects develop appreciation and stewardship of students' natural and urban watershed.

OEC programs provide outdoor learning experiences that involve muscle-power recreation while introducing a water conservation ethic through the success achieved at Mono Lake. OEC programs are about learning, having fun, exercising outdoors, and giving back to the land through stewardship projects.

Canoeing on Mono Lake. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.
Paddling among tufa towers on Mono Lake. Alkali flies, brine shrimp, and birds are a paddle-stroke away.

Tree planting finished on Rush Creek. Archive photo.
Another Jeffrey pine tree planting project completed on Rush Creek. Resoration work continues on Mono Lake's tributary streams, some that flow through City of Los Angeles land.

Down the Mountain. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.
Hiking high up in the Los Angeles watershed, 350 miles north of the city, in the high Sierra Nevada.

Writing in the OE journal. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.
A student takes a break to write in his OEC journal.

Lee Vining diversion dam water diversion. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.
Students observe the enginnering required to bring high-quality Sierra Nevada water to Los Angeles. A local diversion dam marks the transition between natural and urban watersheds.

Outdoor Education Center program activities include:

  • night hike in the Jeffrey pine forest
  • South Tufa walk
  • canoeing on Mono Lake
  • hiking to the Sierra divide—the edge of the Los Angeles and San Francisco watersheds
  • tour of the Los Angeles Aqueduct
  • exploring ghost towns and Eastern Sierra cultural history
  • Panum Crater hike
  • birdwatching at Mono Lake County Park
  • stewardship projects—improving trails and the watershed

Watershed Education

With a combination of curriculum-based education, outdoor recreation, and stewardship projects, the OEC program teaches participants about natural and urban watersheds and ways that human activities can negatively or positively impact them. The Mono Lake Committee's OEC program is a partnership program with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, and school and community groups in Los Angeles.


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