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Mono Lake Committee staff

Mono Lake Committee Staff

  • Geoff McQuilkin, Executive Director
    1. Geoff McQuilkin Geoff's goals for the Committee are: ensuring Mono Lake's continuing protection, restoring Mono Lake's tributary streams, enhancing the robust education program, and ensuring that the strong tradition of scientific research at Mono Lake continues. Geoff has worked for the Committee since 1992, and he's happy to live close to the lake with his wife Sarah and their daughters Caelen, Ellery, and Cassia.
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  • Bartshe Miller, Eastern Sierra Policy Director
    1. Bartshe Miller Bartshe works on Mono Basin policy issues such as protecting the integrity of the Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area, coordinating with regional agency staff, and working with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power and scientists on the ongoing restoration of Mono Lake and its tributary streams. Contact Bartshe if you have questions about Mono Basin policy issues or stream restoration.
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  • Rose Nelson, Education Director
    1. Rose Nelson After graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 2012, Rose worked as a botany research assistant at UC Berkeley, a Fish & Wildlife research assistant monitoring riparian plant species, a California State Parks interpreter, and as an Outdoor Education Instructor here at Mono Lake. Rose returned in 2018 to coordinate the Committee's Outdoor Experiences program, canoe program, interpretive programs, and the Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua, plus oversee the Mono Basin Outdoor Education Center. Contact Rose if you have questions about the Committee's education programs, the Mono Lake Committee Scholarship, or if you would like to schedule a tour for your school group.
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  • Arya Harp, Communications Director
    1. Arya Harp Arya oversees the Committee's communications program and loves sharing the inspiring work of the Mono Lake Committee staff with members as well as the general public. She's always thinking about ways to get more people to learn about Mono Lake—like what if the Fresh Air radio program host Terry Gross could have interviewed William Mulholland? If you have questions about the Mono Lake Newsletter, the Mono Lake Calendar, or if you are a member of the press seeking an interview or information, contact Arya.
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  • Anna Christensen, Philanthropy Director
    1. Anna Christensen Anna's packed résumé includes former Committee Membership Coordinator (1999–2000), Director of Development for Indiana State University Foundation, Chief Development Officer for the Geological Society of America Foundation, and Director of Marketing and External Relations for the Beacom School of Business at the University of South Dakota. She is happy to be back working at the Committee as Philanthropy Director, so if you would like to include the Mono Lake Committee in your estate plans, would like to discuss a large donation, or would like Anna to visit you where you live, send her an email.
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  • Claire Landowski, Office Manager
    1. Claire Landowski Claire first found her way to the Mono Basin in 2008 during a geology field camp and, after countless return visits, finally managed to stay for good in 2019. She is still a geology enthusiast, constantly geeking out over the fantastic setting of the Mono Basin and the wider Eastern Sierra. Claire supervises the intern and volunteer programs, oversees the Mono Basin Field Station, and generally keeps the office functioning smoothly. If you have questions about job opportunities at the Mono Lake Committee, would like to volunteer at Mono Lake, or would like to reserve space at the Field Station, contact Claire.
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  • Ellen King, Membership Coordinator
    1. Ellen KingEllen is responsible for updating and maintaining the Committee's 16,000-person membership database—a task this former librarian relishes! Before coming to work for the Committee, Ellen was a member herself, so she's well-suited to answering members' questions about their accounts. Contact Ellen if you have questions about your membership, would like to join the Mono Lake Committee as a member, would like to become a Guardian of the Lake through our monthly giving program, or if you are interested in incorporating the Committee into your will.
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  • Greg Reis, Information & Restoration Specialist
    1. Greg ReisSince his Committee internship in 1995, Greg has focused on Mono Basin stream restoration, maintaining the computers, websites, and research library, and researching and compiling information for the Committee's programs. Contact Greg if you have questions about the Mono Lake Committee's websites, would like access to the research library, have questions about the Los Angeles Aqueduct operations in the Mono Basin, or if you are interested in obtaining any kind of data about the Mono Basin.
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  • Robbie Di Paolo, Restoration Field Technician
    1. Robbie Di Paolo A 2012 graduate from Humboldt State University with a degree in environmental science, Robbie loves hiking, camping, and bike touring, all of which are great Eastern Sierra activities. He also likes to play music, primarily guitar and singing, but also flute and alto saxophone. If you're interested in volunteering with the Committee's restoration program or have questions about the annual Eared Grebe survey, contact Robbie.
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  • Betsy Reifsnider, Sacramento Policy Associate
    1. Betsy ReifsniderBetsy represents the Mono Lake Committee in Sacramento, where statewide water policy is often in the spotlight. She keeps in touch with key legislators, and in 2009 hand-delivered literally hundreds of pounds of letters from concerned citizens speaking up on behalf of the Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve and Bodie State Historic Park.
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  • Santiago Escruceria, Outdoor Education Center Manager
    1. Santiago EscruceriaSince Santiago runs the Mono Basin Outdoor Education Center, he is almost always out exploring the Mono Basin with groups of young people from Los Angeles, showing them where their water comes from and the importance of water conservation. Otherwise, you can find him birding in the Eastern Sierra or Colombia, where he grew up. If you would like to bring a group of students to the Outdoor Education Center for a week-long trip, contact Santiago.
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  • Nora Livingston, Lead Naturalist Guide
    1. Nora Livingston Nora is a passionate naturalist who got her interpretive start as a Mono Lake Intern in 2008 and went on to seven years of seasonal ornithology work in the most beautiful corners of California and beyond. She has since led many popular birding field trips for the Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua. It is her utmost joy to share her love of birds and nature with anyone and everyone to help foster a deeper respect for this unique planet. Contact Nora if you would like to set up a custom guided trip, or if you have questions about the Chautauqua.
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  • Herley Jim Bowling, Los Angeles Education Coordinator
    1. Herley Jim BowlingHerley Jim does outreach to youth groups, community organizations, and students in Los Angeles to connect them to Mono Lake for week-long Outdoor Education Center trips. He represents Mono Lake at festivals, fairs, and other functions in Southern California. Contact Herley Jim if you would like to bring a group of students to the Mono Basin Outdoor Education Center.
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  • Elin Ljung, Communications Coordinator
    1. Elin Ljung Elin's job consists of some of her favorite things: finding typos, experimenting with layouts, and figuring out how best to communicate the Committee's work to the world, in addition to overseeing the Field Seminar program. She spends lots of time exploring the Eastern Sierra's dirt roads on her mountain bike and dipping her knees into fresh snow while telemark skiing. Otherwise she'll be at a local coffee shop immersed in a good book. Contact Elin if you would like to use a Mono Lake Committee photograph in a publication, if you have photos you would like to donate to the Mono Lake Committee, or if you have questions about the Field Seminars.
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  • Andrew Youssef, Digital Engagement Coordinator
    1. Andrew Youssef Andrew works to connect to Mono Lake Committee supporters and members digitally through video content and social media. Some know him as "the voice of Mono Lake" from his narration of the South Tufa self-guided tour on the Mono Lake mobile website. He also helps organize the Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua, the Committee's Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Los Angeles, and the Field Seminar program. On his days off, you'll find him outside relaxing by Lee Vining Creek, hiking in the High Sierra, or skiing wherever there is snow.
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  • Lily Pastel, Information Center & Bookstore Manager
    1. Lily Pastel Lily stocks the store with educational, handmade, local, and ecologically friendly merchandise and keeps operations functioning efficiently. She graduated from Humboldt State University in 2014, where she majored in Environmental Science. Contact Lily with questions or feedback about the items we carry, if you would like to place an order for Mono Lake Committee merchandise, if you have questions about an existing order, if you have questions about or need assistance with our online store, or if you are a vendor or artisan who would like us to carry your work.
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  • Maureen McGlinchy, Membership Assistant
    1. Maureen McGlinchy Maureen works part-time helping Ellen receive and process mail, record donations, and keep the membership database of over 16,000 records current. She lives in Mono City with her family, keeping up with her two busy daughters, Norah and Sadie. If you have a question about your membership status or would like to make a donation to the Mono Lake Committee, contact Maureen.
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  • Bill Lundeen, Facilities Superintendent
    1. Bill Lundeen Bill first came to the Eastern Sierra in 1995 by way of Yosemite National Park as a rock climber. One day after climbing in Tuolumne Meadows he happened to keep going out the Tioga Pass gate and stumbled upon the most amazing view he had ever seen: Mono Lake spread out to the east from Lee Vining Canyon. Starting in 2004 Bill worked at Tioga Pass Resort maintaining the 100 year-old historic site—never-ending job security and an excuse to be outdoors full-time. Bill and his partner Charlotte moved to Lee Vining in 2017 to continue the fine tradition of fixing broken stuff and caretaking the hardworking, old buildings of the Mono Lake Committee.
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  • Donnette Huselton, Bookkeeper
    1. Donnette HuseltonDonnette keeps our books in order, pays the bills, and oversees our annual audit. Contact Donnette if we have an account with your business, if you have not received a payment that is due from us, or if you have questions about a bill.
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Mono Lake Committee staff

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Executive Director
Geoff McQuilkin (ext. 110)

Eastern Sierra Policy Director
Bartshe Miller

Education Director
Rose Nelson (ext. 113)

Communications Director
Arya Harp (ext. 111)

Philanthropy Director
Anna Christensen (ext. 112)

Office Manager
Claire Landowski (ext. 120)

Membership Coordinator
Ellen King (ext. 123)

Information &
Restoration Specialist
Greg Reis (ext. 141)

Restoration Field Technician
Robbie Di Paolo (ext. 122)

Sacramento Policy Associate
Betsy Reifsnider

Outdoor Education Center Manager
Santiago Escruceria (ext. 136)

Lead Naturalist Guide
Nora Livingston (ext. 135)

Los Angeles Education Coordinator
Herley Jim Bowling

Communications Coordinator
Elin Ljung (ext. 134)

Digital Engagement Coordinator
Andrew Youssef (ext. 150)

Information Center & Bookstore Manager
Lily Pastel (ext. 130)

Donnette Huselton (ext. 144)

Membership Assistant
Maureen McGlinchy (ext. 127)

Facilities Superintendent
Bill Lundeen

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