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Statewide Water Policy
Managing the Water Resources of California

Since its inception, the Mono Lake Committee, through cooperative solutions, has found ways of meeting L.A.'s real water needs without transferring environmental problems to other areas. Our success has resulted in higher lake levels for Mono Lake and stream and waterfowl habitat restoration in the Mono Basin. Due to the Committee's successful lobbying, Los Angles and the region received money for projects that more than replaces the water that is now flowing back into Mono Lake.

Photo of misty tufa by Inge WeidmannCalifornia's increasing population is putting more and more pressure on our scarce water resources. It is now more important than ever that we be here to help solve the water policy challenges that California is facing in the future, and use our experience to increase the state's committment to water policies that meet the needs of people, the economy, and the environment. We are an advocate for state and federal funding for conservation, water recycling, and groundwater protection programs in Southern California and statewide.

As part of the Los Angeles Water Conservation Council, the Committee is a presence at meetings of the Metropolitan Water District and the Department of Water and Power. The Committee collaborates with the Northern California Water Caucus, and represents Southern California environmental groups on the Bay Delta Advisory Council.



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