Photo by Arya Degenhardt

Mono Lake Kutzadikaa Indian Community Cultural Preservation AssociationPhoto by Arya Degenhardt

There has been a significant development for the Kutzadikaa Indian Community here in Lee Vining.

With nonprofit status under a federal Administration of Native Americans (ANA) grant, the Mono Lake Indians are working hard to gain federal recognition as an official tribe. Though the tribe has been working since the 1930s to get federal recognition, the awarding of the ANA grant has provided guidance, funds, and hope for the Kutzadikaa community.

Project director Rich Blaver and Secretary and Bookeeper Adrienne Dondero are coordinating the efforts to develop legal governing documents, compile an official ethnohistory and geneological record, research and identify lands for acquisition, develop a cultural resource protection handbook, publish a tribal newsletter, and prepare the petition to the government for official recognition. "And this is just the begining!" says Rich.

If successful, the Kutzadikaa Indians will gain educational and medical benefits, help with land acquisition and housing, and most importantly, a renewed sense of community solidarity, knowledge of their heritage, and a cohesive representation here in the Mono Basin.

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