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Defender of the Trust Award to be given to Zev Yaroslavsky

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky was one of the first leaders within the City of Los Angeles to advocate Mono Lake’s preservation. Serving on the Los Angeles City Council from 1975-1993, he also played a critical role in helping secure Federal and State funds for retrofitting low-flow toilets, water recycling, and other conservation programs to replace the water being used now to restore Mono Lake and Mono Basin streams and wetlands.

As both a Supervisor and City Councilman, Zev Yaroslavsky has become a leader in Los Angeles on environmental matters. He has helped steer the County toward projects that protect public health and restore the Los Angeles watershed. From his experience with Mono Lake, he has seen that protecting the environment can be smart public policy, not only for natural areas but for communities seeking economic development and a better quality of life.

Since 1993 the Committee has honored individuals who make extraordinary personal efforts to champion Mono Lake with the Defender of the Trust Award.

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