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Blue-footed Booby photo request!

August 28th, 2013 by tdomf_e48ef

Date of sighting: August 25


There’s been local buzz about the Blue-footed Booby that was seen at Navy Beach a few days ago.

If the people who saw/photographed it read this – please send in those great photos! That is a significant bird record for Mono Lake (a first) and for California!

Story goes: Max gave a 6pm South Tufa walk, and a family group came along. They showed him the digital photos on their camera of the strange big bird with bluish webbed feet – wondering what it was! Max could hardly mistake it for anything else!

But, alas we don’t know who the people were, and have no copies of the pictures. So I’m sending this post, just in case they happen to check this website! worth a try….

In other news, Susan Steele found a Little Gull at Crowley Lake this past weekend, although I couldn’t find it yesterday. SHorebirding is great right now. Maybe we can keep up the great bird sightings!

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