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Birding the Mono Basin spring

April 26th, 2014 by Santiago, Outdoor Experiences Manager
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With the onset of spring in the Mono Basin, bird life is exploding all around the lake and its environs.

Black-headed Grosbeak. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.

Every day I see a new species, whether it is a Red-breasted Sapsucker, a Black-headed Grosbeak, an Osprey, or a Yellow-headed Blackbird with its weird call. As an avid birder, I love noticing each spring as the bird calls and bird sightings increase in frequency.

Bald Eagle. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.

My favorite birding places are County ParkLee Vining, and County Ponds on the north side of Mono Lake. I try to bird these areas at least once a week to observe and photograph what new species are arriving and thriving in these areas. As the days grow longer and the habitats wake up from their winter slumber, I expect the bird sightings to multiply….

Yellow-rumped Warbler. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.

Cassin's Finch. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.

Red-breasted Sapsucker. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.

Yellow-headed Blackbird. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.

American Kestrels. Photo by Santiago Escruceria.

This is my list of bird species observed during the month of April—the result of many happy hours in the field. I encourage everybody to visit the Mono Basin and enjoy the beautiful sights and birdlife of the area. Please don’t forget to share what you see with the Mono Lake Committee. We always look forward to hearing about your birding adventures in the Mono Basin!

2 Responses to “Birding the Mono Basin spring”

  1. avatar Allison Says:

    These photos are incredibly beautiful and the bird list is greatly appreciated. I just can’t wait to get up there and visit the County Park and county ponds. Thank you for your inspiring work.

  2. avatar Ryan p Says:

    Awesome Santiago thank u for sharing!! I’ll see some of those Chautauqua weekend I hope!!