My year-end gift for Mono Lake

Yes! I support the Committee’s efforts to do what’s best for Mono Lake all year long!

Your year-end gift will help us:

  • Hold DWP accountable for the restoration obligations it promised it would fulfill, even as it seeks to undermine those obligations,
  • Keep partnering with scientists and land management agencies for collaborations like the prescribed burn that cleared invasive weeds so California Gulls could nest successfully on the islets again,
  • Continue to instill conservation values in the next generation,
  • Keep up monitoring and research to understand and adapt to the threat of climate change,
  • And more!

Our special thanks for your year-end gift*

*While supplies last.

$50 level: 2021 Mono Lake Calendar.

$100 level: Wildflower notecard set & 2021 Mono Lake Calendar.

$250 level: A copy of popular book The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, plus the wildflower notecard set & 2021 Mono Lake Calendar.