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Painted Bunting near Mono Lake

September 1st, 2013 by tdomf_e48ef

Date of sighting: Sept 1, 2013


This morning a Painted Bunting (dull green type) made a brief appearance at Jan’s land here on Dechambeau Creek. First saw it in our corn patch – a overall dull olive passerina-type bunting, pale yellowish green underparts. Beedy dark eye on plain dull olive head. It’s call was different – lower in pitch than the call I associate with Lazuli/Indigo’s. Twitched its tail in that triangular, bunting way.
By the time I got my camera, it was in a willow patch across the yard. Got some horrible distant photos, then it flew up creek. I couldn’t track it down again, although the call was distinctive and I’ll keep my ear and eyes open for it. Unlike the one that visited our garden 2 years ago about this time (that stayed and ate dill seeds for a day and a half) this one seemed more like it was on the move – even though I’d think those corn tassels and dill seeds would look tasty to a bunting.

Will post if I see it again….

Things I have not posted – there was a WW dove in Lee Vining Aug. 12-13 (Erik Lyon found it), a Red Knot at Navy Beach Aug. 12 (Erik or other MLC interns found that), and a Solitary Sandpiper at the June Lake sewage ponds Aug. 17.

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