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Sign up to help inform the organization of

June 14th, 2020 by Andrew, Digital Engagement Coordinator

Although the Mono Lake Committee Information Center & Bookstore is currently closed and most of our typical summer programs are cancelled, Mono Lake Committee staff are still hard at work from home. One of the major projects we are undertaking during this time is creating a completely redesigned website, and we need your help!

We are currently working on a major update and revision to and we need your help.

In July, we will be working on creating the information architecture for the website—focusing on organizing, structuring, and labeling website content in a simple and clear way. This will help us create the foundation for the redesigned site, with the goal of helping visitors easily find information and successfully complete tasks on the website.

There are two online exercises we need your help with—card sorting and tree testing. The card sorting exercise will ask you to organize topics into groups that make sense to you to inform the site map. The tree testing exercise will ask you to try to accomplish a series of tasks using a draft site map we create.

If you’re interested in completing these exercises, you can sign up here or simply send me an email saying you would like to help. After signing up, expect to receive a couple emails in July inviting you to complete each exercise. Thank you for your help!