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Another public hearing on the Tioga Inn project: August 6, 2020

July 31st, 2020 by Bartshé, Eastern Sierra Policy Director

The Mono County planning staff have released the agenda and Board Packet for the Board of Supervisors special meeting on the Tioga Inn project on Thursday, August 6 at 10:00am.

Belt of Venus, Mono Lake by Jeff Sullivan

The view from South Tufa towards Tioga Pass, and the site of the Tioga Inn project. Photo courtesy of Jeff Sullivan.

The Board has the final authority to approve, modify, or deny the Tioga Inn project, which, at this time includes a new “hybrid” alternative that takes into consideration the board’s request for additional information on several aspects of the project that were the result of the last hearing in June.

This is yet another public hearing on this project. Despite board direction to modify the project, the project proponent is making a final attempt to get this project approved with the same five significant adverse impacts.

Over a thousand written and verbal comments have been documented with this project since the scoping phase four years ago. Nearly all the comments on record, including those from the Lee Vining community, have been in outright opposition or expressed serious concern.

Committee staff are analyzing the details of the latest project alternative, and we will have more information to share here soon. While marginal project improvements have occurred in the final two months of the process, the project’s critical impacts remain unchanged.

Click here for meeting details, links to join, and the board packet. There is no physical location of the meeting open to the public, but the public may participate by Zoom, telephone, or view the live stream. Public comment will be heard, with limits on individual time depending on the number of speakers, and written comments will be transmitted to the decision makers prior to deliberation, but not read into the record.

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