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Another record-breaking summer for hot weather

Thursday, August 8th, 2013 by Greg, Information & Restoration Specialist

Last year, I wrote about how hot the summer of 2012 was in Lee Vining. So far, 2013 is even hotter. Both June and July average temperatures were the warmest on record this year. But it has been much rainier as well.

On hot summer days, nothing beats a swim in Mono Lake! Photo by Arya Degenhardt.

From April 1 to August 1, Mono Lake dropped only 2/3 of the 1 foot that it dropped last year (both dry years), primarily because of about two inches more rain this year. Those cooler rainy days also kept July 2013’s average maximum temperature about the same as July 2012, despite having warmer minimums and maximums.

July 2013 had a record number of nights (eight) in the 60s (degrees F). It set a new record for (more…)

Digital 395 installation happening in Lee Vining

Thursday, May 9th, 2013 by Elin, Communications Coordinator

For the last week the streets of Lee Vining have been overtaken by heavy equipment and construction workers, all to complete one of the last stretches of Digital 395, the stimulus-funded project that will provide high-speed broadband internet to communities between Barstow and Carson City.

This view from the Lee Vining Webcam on May 8 at 11:55am shows Digital 395 construction in the center of Highway 395 ... along with much-needed rain clouds!

In fact, if you’ve logged into the Lee Vining Webcam recently, you will have seen the “ditch witch” drilling right in the middle of (more…)

Concrete Mono Lake is going in….

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 by Elin, Communications Coordinator

This morning we changed the angle of the Remodel Cam to show the metal frame of our roughly ten-foot-square Mono Lake map out in front of the store. The map will be filled with blue concrete sometime in the next week, with a pale stain for Paoha Island and a dark stain for Negit Island. Keep your eye on the cam to see the concrete map take shape….

Staff and contractors admire the lake frame before getting it oriented just right. Photo by Arya Degenhardt.

A cool detail about the map—the concrete slab around the lake needs seams in order to (more…)

Track our remodel progress with the new webcam

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 by Elin, Communications Coordinator

Today the Remodel Cam captured the feet of Roy from Escoto Construction & Design ... much more to come!

Check out the Mono Lake Committee’s newest, temporary webcam: the Remodel Cam! Greg installed it just inside the front doors today, and it’s pointing out toward the street to bring you glimpses of our exciting remodel project.

This camera will be on most of the time from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the project. We may move the camera around to show different views, and we may need to unplug it if someone needs to use the internet in the bookstore. Also, inclement weather delays the remodel, so if you see snow or rain in the camera, you probably won’t see anyone working.

Keep checking to see the ADA-accessible lift installed, the granite boulders stabilized, and the new deck materialize … plus much more. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

New Mono Lake web cam installed at Visitor Center

Thursday, November 10th, 2011 by Mono Lake Committee Staff

This post was written by Carolyn Weddle, 2011 Project Specialist.

A new camera has been installed at the Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area Visitor Center for the Mono Lake Cam, one of the Mono Lake Committee’s three Mono Basin web cams.

The new camera comes with perks; one of which is the elimination of the light streak that was present on the old web cam. It also (more…)

New Mill Creek WebCam up and running

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 by Elin, Communications Coordinator

The Mill Creek WebCam is back in action, and it’s better than ever! It had been down since 5:55pm on Monday, July 4th, after lightning fried the Ethernet port and the router that connected it to the Internet. During the downtime we found a good deal on webcams, so last weekend Geoff was able to install a brand-new camera to keep us updated on Mill Creek. Check out the great image quality of the new cam!

The brand-new Mill Creek WebCam's view south toward Mono Lake.

The other new webcam we bought will be installed at the Scenic Area Visitor Center in the next few months, which will offer a view without pink light streaks, dramatically improving this stunning view of Mono Lake.

Mill Creek WebCam returning soon

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 by Greg, Information & Restoration Specialist

At 5:55pm on Monday, July 4th, distant lightning fried the Mill Creek WebCam‘s Ethernet port and the router that connected it to the Internet. The camera still works, but the Ethernet port no longer works. While the camera is out for repairs, we’ve ordered a new one to replace it. That means the Mill Creek WebCam should return by the end of August!

A portion of the Mill Creek Cam's view on July 4, 2011, right before distant lightning damaged the camera.

We managed to get a really good deal and bought two WebCams, so we will replace the Mono Lake WebCam at the Scenic Area Visitor Center as well during the next couple of months. This should dramatically improve the quality of that image as well.

Intense thunderstorms keep Mono Lake rising fast

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 by Greg, Information & Restoration Specialist

The Mono Basin and Eastern Sierra were hit by intense thunderstorms last weekend, especially on Saturday. Rainfall rates of up to seven inches per hour were recorded in the Sierra! Debris flows closed both Highway 395 and Highway 120 West for short periods of time—in Walker Canyon, Highway 395 was buried under five feet of mud in places. Rush Creek above Grant Lake Reservoir reached the highest flow so far this season, around 400 cubic feet per second (preliminary data) as rainfall combined with snowmelt from the still-extensive unmelted snowfields in the upper watershed to spill through the full reservoirs.

Lee Vining WebCam view of Saturday's thunderstorm that closed Highways 395 and 120 for short periods of time.

Lee Vining WebCam view of Saturday's thunderstorm that closed Highways 395 and 120 for short periods of time.

At the Mono Lake Committee Information Center & Bookstore in Lee Vining, we recorded (more…)

Lee Vining WebCam gets a new view

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 by Greg, Information & Restoration Specialist

On April 19, 2011, the Lee Vining WebCam moved from its long-time home looking out the attic vent above the Committee’s front door to the top of the roof, about two feet below the anemometer. The vent will be closed as part of the remodeling of the front of the building, which will begin this week (watch for a Mono-logue post about that coming soon).

In its former location, the WebCam captured (more…)

Follow Mono Lake on Facebook and Twitter

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 by Mono Lake Committee Staff

This post was written by Julia Runcie, 2011 Project Specialist.

It’s now easier than ever to keep in touch with Mono Lake! For the latest updates on everything from local weather and road information, to upcoming events, to current lake level and stream flows, follow our posts on Twitter (@Mono-Lake or @MonoLakeCmte) or Facebook (Mono Lake or Mono Lake Committee).

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