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Tioga Pass opening & closing dates
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Tioga Pass opening & closing dates

Tioga Pass (Highway 120) is the only road that traverses Yosemite National Park offering access to Tuolumne Meadows and the Yosemite high country.

The Tioga Road was completed in 1915 and paved in 1937. The section in the park was rebuilt in 1961 and the section east of the park was rebuilt 1965–1970. You can find all the latest news about Tioga Pass here on the Mono-logue. You can also call us for the news: (760) 647-6595.

average Tioga Pass opening date: May 29
average Tioga Pass closing date: November 3

Tioga Pass opening & closing dates

earliest opening date: April 8
earliest closing date: September 4

latest opening date: July 8
latest closing date: January 17

If the road opened and then closed briefly again, the earliest opening and latest closing date is used. Days open refers to the number of days between these dates and does not reflect closures within these dates. For example, in 1999 the pass was closed from November 18 to December 23, but the "days open" figure includes these 35 days that it was closed.

Pre-1994 data compiled by Bob Gregg. Post-1994 data compiled by Mono Lake Committee.


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