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Support the Mono Lake Committee when shopping online:

Mono Lake Committee Information Center & Bookstore

Shop at the online Mono Lake Committee Bookstore
and 100% of sales support Mono Lake!

Mono Lake Committee Information Center & Bookstore

Shop for books, puzzles, art supplies, and more at Bookshop
and 30% of your order total goes to Mono Lake!

Support Mono Lake when you shop at Amazon!

Dedicate 5% of your Amazon purchases to Mono Lake
when you use this affiliate link.

  • How does the Mono Lake Committee Bookstore benefit Mono Lake?
    1. The Committee runs the Bookstore, and all sales benefit our non-profit Mono Lake protection, restoration, education, and science programs.

  • I have questions about the online Mono Lake Committee Bookstore...
    1. Visit the Bookstore section of our website or contact Information Center & Bookstore Manager Lily Pastel by email.

  • How does shopping at Amazon benefit Mono Lake?
    1. When you use our special link to access the Amazon website, Amazon will credit approximately 5% of your pre-tax purchase total to the Mono Lake Committee through the Amazon Affiliates program. These funds directly benefit our Mono Lake protection, restoration, education, and science programs.

  • Are you sure you get 5% from Amazon? Don't you only get 0.5%?
    1. Since we're an Amazon Affiliate, we do indeed get 5% back from Amazon. Read more about it here. The AmazonSmile program is more commonly used by non-profits and charities, and that program contributes 0.5% from Amazon. We are also a part of the AmazonSmile program.

  • Do I have to follow the specific link every time?
    1. Yes. Otherwise the Committee does not get credit for your Amazon shopping. You can easily return to this page in the future by using this website address: Or read on for ways to create a custom Mono Lake-benefitting Amazon bookmark.

  • Can I bookmark the special link?
    1. Yes. Just right-click this link Amazon (Mono Lake) and choose "bookmark this link."

  • I didn't see anything on Amazon that says my purchase benefits Mono Lake...
    1. That's correct. Amazon does not display any confirmation information, but we can confirm that we do get the promised funds! Just follow the sepecific link to ensure your purchase credits benefit Mono Lake.

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Sep 27, 2020

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Mono Lake Committee Bookstore online

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