Thirteen people walk down a hill wearing backpacks and hiking gear as they walk on an overgrown dirt road through bright yellow aspens with some burnt trees ahead of them and Mono Lake and the Mono Craters in the distance.

Staff & Board


We are here to answer your questions about all things Mono Lake! Please try to direct your message to the staff member who seems like the best fit. If you’re not sure, or have a general question, email or call (760) 647-6595.

Geoff McQuilkin

Geoff McQuilkin

Executive Director

(760) 647-6595, ext. 110

Bartshe Miller

Bartshe Miller

Eastern Sierra Policy Director

(760) 647-6595, ext. 121

Rose Nelson

Rose Nelson

Education Director

(760) 647-6595, ext. 113

Arya Harp

Arya Harp

Communications Director

(760) 647-6595, ext. 111

Anna Christensen

Anna Christensen

Philanthropy Director

(760) 647-6595, ext. 112

Claire Landowski

Claire Landowski

Office Director

(760) 647-6595, ext. 120

Leslie Redman

Leslie Redman

Membership Coordinator

(760) 647-6595, ext. 128

Greg Reis

Greg Reis

Information & Restoration Specialist

(760) 647-6595, ext. 141

Robbie Di Paolo

Robbie Di Paolo

Restoration Field Technician

(760) 647-6595, ext. 122

Betsy Reifsnider

Betsy Reifsnider

Sacramento Policy Associate

Maureen McGlinchy sitting on a large piece of granite surrounded by Sierra peaks in the background.

Maureen McGlinchy

Hydrology Modeling & Membership Specialist

(760) 647-6595, ext. 127

Santiago M. Escruceria outside leading a tour in the Mono Basin.

Santiago Escruceria

Outdoor Education Center Manager

(760) 647-6595, ext. 136

Nora Livingston in outdoor guiding gear pointing out a geologic feature on a rock.

Nora Livingston

Lead Naturalist Guide

(760) 647-6595, ext. 135

Head shot of Herley Jim Bowling smiling at the camera.

Herley Jim Bowling

Los Angeles Education Coordinator

Head shot of Elin Ljung at Mono Lake.

Elin Ljung

Communications Coordinator

(760) 647-6595, ext. 134

Andrew Youssef standing on a floating piece of ice on a mountain lake with a rainbow Pride flag in his outstreached arms.

Andrew Youssef

Digital Engagement Coordinator

(760) 647-6595, ext. 150

Ellen King

Ellen King

Policy Library Coordinator

(760) 647-6595, ext. 123

Lily Pastel smiling while hiking in a rocky desert landscape.

Lily Pastel

Information Center & Bookstore Manager

(760) 647-6595, ext. 130

Head shot of Donnette Huselton.

Donnette Huselton


(760) 647-6595, ext. 144

Ryan Garrett

Ryan Garrett

Project Specialist

(760) 647-6595

Bill Lundeen climbing in a mountain.

Bill Lundeen

Facilities Superintendent

(760) 647-6595

Alyx Miller

Alyx Miller

Facilities Superintendent

(760) 647-6595

Seasonal Staff

Seasonal Staff

Bree Salazar, Katie Smith, Outdoor Education Instructors. Holly Alvarez, Canoe Coordinator.

Mono Lake Interns

Mono Lake Interns

Amelia Beaumont, Spencer Dutton, KJ Franklin, Firdausi Noorzay, Emma Rosen, Sophia Schuldt

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are concerned citizens from all corners of California, dedicated to the protection and restoration of Mono Lake and public education about smart resource management. They come from diverse backgrounds and professions and provide overall direction and strategic support for implementing the Committee’s mission. The Board meets at least three times a year.

Board Members

Sally Gaines, Mammoth Lakes—Chair

Martha Davis, Nicasio

Sherryl Taylor, Mammoth Lakes

Brent Coeur-Barron—Corporate Counsel

Tom Soto, Santa Monica—Secretary

Vireo Gaines, Bishop

Doug Virtue, San Pedro

David Kanner, Redwood City—Treasurer

Gina Radieve, Sacramento

Kristine Zeigler, Walnut Creek

Directors Emeriti

Helen Green

Ed Grosswiler

Richard Lehman

We’d love to hear from you

 If you’ll be in Lee Vining, drop by our Information Center & Bookstore. Give a call or send an email to any staff member above. You can also contact the Board of Directors by email. Find our mailing and shipping addresses on the Contact Us page.

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