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The Mono-logue » Blog Archive » Canoes and kayaks form 350 for the climate at Mono Lake

Canoes and kayaks form 350 for the climate at Mono Lake

October 24th, 2009 by Mono Lake Committee Staff
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This post was written by Morgan, 2009 Project Specialist.

Canoes for the climate at Mono Lake

Canoes for the climate at Mono Lake

This morning 18 boats and almost 50 people gathered at Navy Beach under cloudless blue skies for a brand new paddling adventure. The Mono Lake Committee and friends participated in the international grassroots campaign dedicated to creating an equitable global climate treaty that lowers carbon dioxide below 350 parts per million by forming a three, five, and zero with canoes and kayaks on Mono Lake.

Joining the photos already posted at from around the world, we got out our paddles for this important action. Inspired by the journey to protect Mono Lake, and the positive outcome, we add our hopeful voices and energy to this important movement. Just like with Mono Lake, climate change needs our perseverance and the courage to do what’s necessary for a livable future. Climate change is important everywhere around the world, including at Mono Lake, and the Committee is keeping up on the latest science affecting the Mono Basin.

In December, government leaders will be convening in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, in order to create a new climate treaty. The International Day of Climate Action on October 24, is the best chance the global public has to influence the treaty before negotiating positions solidify. Today more than 5200 groups are gathering in over 181 countries to draw attention to the need for a dramatic international agreement to reduce carbon emissions and set us on a rapid path to 350.

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to be a part of this day.

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