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Mono Lake closure to save $111,278? Actually, it’s even less.

July 25th, 2011 by Geoff, Executive Director
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As the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting, the state’s plan to close the State Park at Mono Lake saves very few dollars.

In fact, based on information the Mono Lake Committee has obtained from the Department of Parks and Recreation under a public records act request, it’s even less than the $111,278 cost assigned to operating the park.

Two points worth noting:

First, the operating cost of $111,278 is apparently based on full staffing, which we haven’t had here for several years. In the current “reduced service” mode, in which the Mono Lake ranger spends 90% of his time at nearby Bodie State Historic Park, costs are much lower.

Second, the state’s plan after closing 70 parks including Mono Lake is to keep them in “caretaker” status, which requires occasional patrols by rangers. In the state’s documents this is estimated to cost $25,000 annually at Mono Lake.

So … take the $111,278 and knock off the $25,000 and you drop the net savings of closure down to $86,278.

Consider that the Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve could continue to stay open in “reduced service” mode, and you’ve got that net savings number down to about zero. And closing a park for $0 savings just doesn’t add up.

3 Responses to “Mono Lake closure to save $111,278? Actually, it’s even less.”

  1. avatar michele wickham Says:

    why do those people slash their own salaries first by50%, then I might listen to them. Cutting budget to our state parks which bring in vistors & reveune is not a good idea.

  2. avatar Sue Scholton Says:

    It seems they have also failed to take into consideration the local economy, which brings in sales taxes. Cutting budgets is difficult, I wish they would start with big ticket items and waste rather than beginning with programs that better the quality of life of so many. If they would donate a small portion of the money they spend to get elected to state parks and recreation, there would be plenty to keep CA parks going. Instead, they spend disgusting amounts of money to get elected and then make a big mess. Long Live Mono Lake and all who recreate in this superlative area!

  3. avatar State Park Closures Trip: MONO LAKE TUFA STATE NATURE RESERVE: Trip # 6 of 70 Says:

    […] flies that rest on the surface of the water. Articles by both the San Francisco Chronicle and the Mono Lake Committee estimate savings obtained by closing this park to be anywhere from $111,000 to… ZERO! I have […]