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“Traveling the 38th Parallel” presentation and booksigning

July 24th, 2013 by Jessica, Office Director
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David and Janet Carle, co-authors of Traveling the 38th Parallel: A Water Line Around the World, will be doing a presentation and book signing at the Mono Lake Committee’s Theater & Gallery this Friday, July 26 at 4:00pm.

The presentation includes photos from their travels around the world as they explored environmental issues shared by many countries at the same latitude as Mono Lake.

David and Janet shared the first Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve ranger position, and have been active community members since arrving in the Mono Basin. David has written multiple fiction and non-fiction books about the area including Mono: A Novel, Spotting Scope, introductions to earth, water, and fire in California, Mono Lake Basin: Images of America, My Visit to Mono Lake, and others. Janet runs the Mono Lake Volunteer program, teaching others to interpret Mono Lake to our many visitors.

We hope to see you on Friday at 4:00pm in the Theater & Gallery!

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