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It’s Tioga Pass flip-flop season … now it’s open

October 23rd, 2016 by Andrew, Digital Engagement Coordinator
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Tioga Pass (Highway 120) has reopened after it was closed last week due to snow and rockfall. Use caution and be sure to check current road conditions and weather before your trip. Last year, Tioga Pass closed for the season on November 1.

Also be vigilant for migrating deer on the road this time of year. A reminder that all campgrounds along the Tioga Road are currently closed (except for Lower Lee Vining Campground) as are all commercial and visitor services in Tuolumne Meadows.

Check out this video, courtesy of Caltrans, showing how explosives were used to help clear the road last week.

One Response to “It’s Tioga Pass flip-flop season … now it’s open”

  1. avatar Larry & Carol Holt Says:

    And tonight it is closed!