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Last call for holiday shipping: December 16 and 20

December 13th, 2016 by Lily, Information Center & Bookstore Manager
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If you’ve ever visited the Mono Lake Committee Information Center & Bookstore in person, then you know our location is quite remote. As a result, mail shipped from the Mono Lake Committee isn’t as speedy as mail from, say, Los Angeles or the Bay Area. Add in the possibility of winter storms and delayed travel, and you’ll understand how the term “snail mail” came to be.


We want to make sure you get your Mono Lake Committee gifts by Christmas—therefore, we are now sending out our last call for shipping. For orders being shipped throughout the United States place your orders by Friday, December 16 to ensure that they reach you by Christmas. If your order will be shipped within California, place your orders by Tuesday, December 20. Use expedited shipping if you place your order after these dates; no guarantee of holiday arrival.

Happy holidays and thank you for your support!

One Response to “Last call for holiday shipping: December 16 and 20”

  1. avatar Jay Price Says:

    I know exactly where you are even though I’ve not been there in years. I helped with the initial fight to all the tributaries to Mono secure. Photos of a trip in my youth (as a young adult) to Mono Lake adorn my office wall.
    The land and surroundings of Mono Lake Basin are truly wonderful and magic. I remain glad there is something still to do to preserve this place.