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Your donation to protect Mono Lake’s gulls will be matched

March 23rd, 2017 by Andrew, Digital Engagement Coordinator
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If you haven’t yet donated to the Long Live the Gulls campaign, now is the moment—we have only five days left to reach our goal of $15,000. Plus, a generous anonymous donor called yesterday and will be matching all gifts, dollar for dollar, starting today through the end of the fundraiser on March 28, so your contribution will go twice as far!

Thousands of California Gulls flock to Mono Lake each year to nest on the islands, which coyotes can now access by swimming across a narrow channel of water, after five years of drought dropped Mono Lake about seven feet. Please donate to the Long Live the Gulls campaign today to protect the gulls. Photo by Sara Matthews.

Thank you to the 158 donors who have already joined this collective effort to help protect the gulls until Mono Lake rises above the threshold of concern this summer. Thanks to your donations the materials for the temporary electrified fence are now more than 75% funded.

Please donate today to double your impact and protect Mono Lake’s gull colony—one of the largest California Gull colonies in the world—from coyote predation before nesting begins in April. Thank you for your support and long live the gulls!

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