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Mono Lake volunteer spotlight: Cathy Foye

August 2nd, 2017 by Mono Lake Committee Staff
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Cathy & Rich Foye, left and center, with fellow Mono Lake Volunteer Rosemarie Willimann. Photo by Bartshe Miller.

This post was written by Aviva North, 2017 Mono Lake Intern.

If you have taken a Saturday canoe tour this summer you will probably recognize our awesome volunteer Cathy Foye, who, every weekend, is prepped with a scope set on an Osprey nest perfectly perched on a tufa tower in Mono Lake.

Born and raised in Southern California, Cathy had actually never explored the Eastern Sierra until her now husband, and fellow volunteer, Rich Foye, took her on vacation. Their favorite parts of visiting were the guided canoe tours and weekly star talks offered during the summer. During their 25 years together in Fullerton they became frequent visitors to the Eastern Sierra, initially attracted to Mammoth Lakes, where they permanently moved to in 2009.

After they completed the Mono Lake Volunteer program training in the spring of 2010, Cathy became inspired to help out and ever since has regularly helped with food coordination and booklet content and organization. In addition, Cathy and Rich are considered the “regular caretakers” of the Mono Lake Committee’s Adopt-A-Highway stretch just south of Lee Vining.

While Cathy is also heavily involved other volunteer programs such as the Community Emergency Response Team, she makes the Mono Basin her focus in the summer. She has become a dedicated volunteer because, “it’s so good for intellectual, social, and spiritual life” and has met friends to last a lifetime through the program. In addition, she loves the exposure to people from all walks of life and all over the world.

Her favorite interpretive moment thus far has been giving a South Tufa tour to a group of Boy Scouts trying to earn a special birding badge. “It’s a great way to meet people and share the enjoyment of this special place, and it is so satisfying to know you have enhanced someone’s trip in the Eastern Sierra,” Cathy says. And why the Mono Lake Committee? She replied that the grassroots movement and story of David Gaines’ dedication and love for this place made it impossible not to get drawn in.

If you’re getting drawn in too, check out the rest of our website and consider joining the Mono Lake Committee via volunteering or membership!

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