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A Way Across the Mountain by Scott Stine now available

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 by Lily, Information Center & Bookstore Manager
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A Way Across the Mountain: Joseph Walker's 1833 Trans-Sierran Passage and the Myth of Yosemite's Discovery.

A Way Across the Mountain: Joseph Walker’s 1833 Trans-Sierran Passage and the Myth of Yosemite’s Discovery by Scott Stine is now available at the Mono Lake Committee Bookstore and online store.

Paleoclimatologist Scott Stine has just released his first book, A Way Across the Mountain: Joseph Walker’s 1833 Trans-Sierran Passage and the Myth of Yosemite’s Discovery and it is now available at the Mono Lake Committee Bookstore and our online store.

Stine reconstructs Joseph Walker’s famous 1833 route over the Sierra drawing on years of in-depth scientific research and knowledge of the geomorphology, hydrography, biogeography, and climate of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin, and the detailed travel narrative of the Walker expedition’s field clerk, Zenas Leonard. Stine documents the inception, growth, and persistence of the myth of Yosemite’s discovery, and explores the extent to which that lore has overshadowed Walker’s greatest discovery—that the huge swath of continent between the Wasatch Front and the Sierran crest is hydrographically closed, draining not to an ocean, but to salty lakes and desert sands.

Stop by the Mono Lake Committee Information Center & Bookstore, or visit our online store to get your copy of A Way Across the Mountain, and (more…)

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