A close up of yellow wildflowers overlooking the teal waters of Mono Lake on a cloudy day.


Mono Lake water reflects the blue sky, and water it frozen in bumpy puddles on top of the tufa beach. Tufa towers loom in the background.

Mono Lake Moment: Lakeside bliss

Today’s Mono Lake Moment is a quiet, blissful, yet cold meditation by the lake. The green hue in the lake is its winter coat of algae, and the frozen areas directly in front of the camera are freshwater spring puddles—the…
A woman on the shore of Mono Lake looking through a spotting scope out over the water with tufa towers in the background.

Registration open for spring virtual seminars

Are you interested in learning more about birds? Join me, the Mono Lake Committee’s Lead Naturalist Guide, on one or more virtual seminars that explore the important basic topics of ornithology, the study of birds, in our new virtual seminar…
Snow covered trees against a clear blue sky.

Mono Lake Moment: New snow on trees

Today’s Mono Lake Moment shows off last night’s fresh snow stuck to the thin branches of the trees in town, creating a new winter wonderland look. These extra two and a half inches helped to refresh the sparkle and freshness…
Five people standing in a grassy field adjacent to Mono Lake looking out toward the lake with binoculars at birds flying in the sky and the Sierra Nevada in the distance.

Coming this spring: Virtual seminars

The Field Seminar team is excited to present a selection of virtual seminars coming up this spring. Join me, the Mono Lake Committee’s Lead Naturalist Guide, to learn about the essentials of ornithology (the study of birds) from the comfort of your own…