Majestic light brown tufa towers jut out of dark water with snow covered mountains and a blue sky behind them.

My year-end gift for Mono Lake

Yes! I’ll support the Mono Lake Committee’s vital work to protect and restore Mono Lake, and its tributary streams, in 2022.

Your year-end gift will help us:

The 2021 Mono Lake Committee staff.
  • Hold DWP accountable for the restoration program and infrastructure improvements the State Water Board has mandated to advance restoration of Mono Lake’s tributary streams and their fisheries, streamside forests, and wildlife habitat;
  • Keep partnering with scientists, land management agencies, and other parties to explore solutions and prepare for the State Water Board’s planned hearing to re-examine the rules governing DWP’s water exports so that Mono Lake can move toward its management level;
  • Support Mono Lake research projects through the Mono Basin Field Station;
  • Provide a diverse array of education programs, connecting thousands of people to Mono Lake;
  • Continue to instill conservation values in the next generation;
  • And more!

Our special thanks for your year-end gift*

*While supplies last.

$50 level: 2022 Mono Lake Calendar.

$100 level: Miracle Country book & 2022 Mono Lake Calendar.

$250 level: Chiura Obata notecard set, plus Miracle Country & 2022 Mono Lake Calendar.