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Great article about Mono Lake and the drought

May 7th, 2016 by Robbie, Restoration Field Technician

Journalist Jane Braxton Little recently wrote a┬ácomprehensive article about Mono Lake—we recommend giving it a read. She does a great job of capturing where Mono Lake stands today in the face of California’s historic drought. Click the link to read the article Mono Lake Facing Another Crisis.

Mono Lake tufa towers are seen Monday, Nov. 15, 2004, near Lee Vining, Calif. The ancient towers, composed of calcium carbonate, were formed underwater when fresh water springs mixed with minerals in the lakewater, and became visible when lake water receded over the past 60 years due to water diversion to Los Angeles. Now, residents and the U.S. Forest Service say the Mono Lake protections are imperiled by a plan to subdivide 120 acres for luxury homes on the lake's western shore. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Photo of Pirate Ship Tufa at South Tufa from the article “Mono Lake Facing Another Crisis.” Photo by Ben Margot, Associated Press.

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One Response to “Great article about Mono Lake and the drought”

  1. avatar Jeff L. Says:

    For some reason it took several attempts to make the article load. Not sure if it was me or them. Either way, it was worth the effort. Great and succinct writing.