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Refreshing ‘Ologists: Bats in Yosemite’s Poopenaut Valley

August 28th, 2016 by Mono Lake Committee Staff

This post was written by Grace Aleman, 2015 Information Center & Bookstore Assistant and 2016 Mono Lake Intern.

After a one-week hiatus, the Refreshing ‘Ologist series continues this Wednesday, August 31 at 4:00pm in the Mono Lake Committee gallery.


A day-flying bat in the Mono Basin (likely a big brown bat); join us on Wednesday to hear about the Poopenaut Valley bat species. Photo by Elin Ljung.

Yosemite National Park is home to 17 different bat species, five of which have special status due to statewide population declines. Much of the bat decline in California is due habitat loss, making the remaining pieces of bat habitat even more critical. Most of the bat species found in Yosemite are found in the Poopenaut Valley—a unique area near Hetch Hetchy Reservoir with meadows, riparian habitats, and a seasonal pond. Join to hear from Yosemite biologist Breeanne Jackson about the current monitoring projects regarding bats in the Poopenaut Valley.


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