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The Mono Lake Committee 2017 Annual Report

November 25th, 2017 by Arya, Communications Director

Each year printed copies of the Mono Lake Committee Annual Report are sent out to Defense Trust level members and Guardians of the Lake monthly-giving club members, but it is has information that is important to members at all giving levels, friends, anyone who is curious, and the general public. So without further ado, click here to see the Mono Lake Committee 2017 Annual Report.

Did you get a yearbook in high school? The Annual Report feels a little bit like the grown-up version of getting the yearbook … all year you’ve got your head down, you’re working away, and then suddenly you’re able to look at it all from a totally different perspective.

That’s just one of the reasons why I love working on the Annual Report. When I flip through the photos all pulled together they sparkle with happy nostalgia and a surprising element of pride. Yes, we really did all of that good stuff.

That “we” includes you, and 16,000 people like you who make the choice to support Mono Lake every single day of the year. Sure, it’s staff and volunteers in the photos, but, who paid for that bucket, that shovel, that canoe, that fence to protect the gulls?

We did. Together. And that gives me goose bumps.

Thanks to you, we will continue to do this important work. And there is definitely work to be done. As I write we’re strategizing next steps for dealing with DWP’s current bout of foot-dragging on the 2013 Stream Restoration Agreement, we’re monitoring the flows on the creeks, we’re leading tours for the water leaders of tomorrow, we’re coordinating aerial Eared Grebe surveys, and talking to the next generation of Mono Lake Committee members when they walk in the front door.

It is with much gratitude that we present to you the Mono Lake Committee’s 2017 Annual Report. We hope that it makes you proud to be part of this remarkable group of people forging this unlikely path for this totally unique place.

Long Live Mono Lake!

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