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Mono Lake winter photography seminars still have space

December 27th, 2018 by Elin, Communications Coordinator

Start your year off right with a photography workshop at Mono Lake in January or February!

Poconip ice fog shrouds Mono Lake, with just a sliver of sun illuminating the base of Black Point. Photo courtesy of Joe Decker.

There’s still space in Mono Lake by Moonlight (January 18–20, 2019) and Winter Starry Skies Over Mono Lake (February 1–3, 2019). Accomplished photographer Joe Decker leads both seminars, bringing his extensive Mono Lake and Arctic experience to bear to ensure excellent photographic opportunities for participants.

In addition, both seminars include a special treat—a chance to have dinner at Epic Cafe, which is typically closed in winter. This welcoming cafe is now home to chef Linda Dore, who has catered the winter seminar dinners for many years.

We’d love to see you here early in the year—reserve your space today, and happy New Year!

A winter sunrise at South Tufa. Photo courtesy of Chris Decker.

Early morning light sifts through bands of poconip ice fog at Mono Lake. Photo courtesy of Joe Decker.

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