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Free bird walks at Mono Lake County Park have begun

July 5th, 2019 by Krista, Birding Intern

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us for a free bird walk at Mono Lake County Park at 8:00am on Fridays and Sundays.

A male Northern Flicker in its cavity nest. Both sexes take turns with egg incubation. Photo courtesy of Rick Spanel.

The dawn chorus has been offering a beautiful mix of Western Meadowlarks, House Wrens, Yellow Warblers, Bullock’s Orioles, and many more feathered friends. Other exciting observations have included multiple Wilson’s Snipes and a few Wilson’s Phalaropes (MANY more phalaropes to come later).

Birding during the breeding season is a great time to observe a variation in nesting behavior that is both fascinating and complex. It is also a good reminder at this time to always observe nests from a safe distance—this is when our binoculars and scopes really come in handy!

During the bird walks we take a leisurely stroll through a variety of habitats including sagebrush scrub, ageing woodland with dead snags, towering cottonwoods, willows, and lakeshore/wetland. Sign up to join us here, or meet us at the County Park parking lot and bring sunscreen, plenty of water, a hat, and binoculars (if you have them). All experience levels are welcome!

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