Sunrise glowing on the horizon beyond a snow covered landscape with Mill Creek in the foreground and Mono Lake in the distance.

A record-breaking Giving Tuesday for Mono Lake

This year for Giving Tuesday, a longtime Committee member named Joan wanted to inspire fellow Mono Lake lovers to give an extra gift and generously offered to match all funds raised for Giving Tuesday, dollar for dollar, up to $30,000.

Mono Lake Committee members and supporters from across the country and around the world pitched in to help us achieve this incredible matching opportunity for Mono Lake, and we were thrilled when we hit our $30,000 goal on the morning of Giving Tuesday!

Throughout the day, donations continued to come in to support all the work we do for Mono Lake—to protect everything from the tufa towers and wide open spaces of the Mono Basin to the nesting California Gull colony on the islands, to restore Rush, Lee Vining, Mill, Parker, and Walker creeks and the fish and wildlife that depend on them, to educate and inspire the next generation of water decision makers, and to support the scientific research that guides all of the actions we take for Mono Lake.

By the end of Giving Tuesday, we were amazed to see that more than 500 people had donated and helped us set a Mono Lake record for Giving Tuesday donations—an astounding $55,000.

It was truly a fantastic day for Mono Lake, starting with a calm and beautiful livestream of the sunrise from the shoreline (which you can enjoy on our website any time), and finishing with a tremendous outpouring of support from people like you, near and far. We seriously could not have done this without you and are so grateful for your support. Long Live Mono Lake!

This year, we raised an astounding $55,000 for Mono Lake this Giving Tuesday thanks to the support of more than 500 Committee members and supporters.

Top photo by Elin Ljung.