Five people standing at the shoreline of Mono Lake, socially distanced and masked, shooting a video from a cell phone on a tripod with a glassy Mono Lake and the Sierra Nevada behind them.

Happy September 28th, a Mono Lake holiday

The wildfire smoke was merciful down at the lakeshore this morning as we marked this important Mono Lake anniversary with a live stream. Staff members Maureen McGlinchy and Robbie Di Paolo read the lake level, and Mono Lake Committee Board Member Tom Soto and Executive Director Geoff McQuilkin talked about what September 28, 2020 has meant and will continue to mean for Mono Lake’s future.

The lake measured in at 6381.47 feet above sea level, which is effectively 10.5 feet below the mandated healthy lake level goal of 6392. We’ve got a ways to go, but the fundamentals behind the State Water Board’s historic decision remain solid.

While it’s hard to muster celebratory cheer right now, a little time down at Mono Lake is always good for the soul.

Top photo by Rose Nelson.