Blue Saddlebag Lake in the foreground with high alpine granite mountains with patches of snow in the background.

Inyo National Forest partially reopens on October 3

The Inyo National Forest is partially re-opening tomorrow. While wilderness areas in the Sierra Nevada, plus South Tufa and Navy Beach will remain closed, this opens up many recreational opportunities.

A topographical map on Inyo National Forest shows in red the areas that are currently closed.
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Please remember: NO FIRES. See the text of the press release below.

The Inyo National Forest announces a partial re-opening of the forest on October 3.

Open: Wildernesses in the Inyo Mountains and the White Mountains, front country dispersed areas throughout the forest, developed sites, resorts, and recreation resident cabins.

Developed recreation campgrounds will re-open. However, many campgrounds will remain closed due to end of season operations or because they are within closed areas.

Open campgrounds: Aspen, Lower Lee Vining, Hartley Springs, Glass Creek, Big Springs, Oh Ridge, Twin Lakes, Silver Lake, New Shady Rest, Convict, French Camp, Four Jeffery, Sabrina, Bitterbrush, Upper Sage, Lone Pine, and Whitney Portal.


  • Inyo National Forest within Madera County remains closed. The most common destinations are Reds Meadow Valley and the Devils Postpile National Monument. This area remains closed due to the Creek Fire to the west.
  • Forest Closure 05-04-51-20-17 remains in effect and closes areas, including Monache Meadows, due to the SQF Complex (Castle Fire).
  • Forest order 05-04-54-20-15 remains in effect and includes Navy Beach and the South Tufa Area.
  • The Inyo portions of the South Sierra, Golden Trout, John Muir, Ansel Adams, Owens River Headwaters, and Hoover Wilderness Areas remain closed through December 1, 2020. This closure may be rescinded or extended as needed. Many of the Inyo’s trail networks lead into active fire areas that are closed and that are managing complex and difficult fires.

Fire restrictions are in effect.

Propane and gas stove use are now permitted in developed recreation sites in National Forests in California. Developed recreation sites are defined as areas that have been improved or developed for recreation such as campgrounds and day use sites.

Woodcutting – With a valid woodcutting permit, firewood may be cut as long as it is in a permitted collection area that is open.

Visitors to the Eastern Sierra should expect smoky conditions from various fires throughout the region.

Top photo by Elin Ljung.