Group photo from Mayor Garcetti's visit to Rush Creek with, from left to right: LADWP General Manager & Chief Engineer Marty Adams, Title, PersonXXXX, Mono County Supervisor Stacy Corless, Mono Lake Committee Executive Director Geoff McQuilkin, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Mono County Supervisor Bob Gardner, and Title, PersonXXX all with smiling faces.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti visits restoration sites at Rush Creek, Grant Dam

While on a multi-stop trip up the Eastern Sierra, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti added a visit to Rush Creek, Grant Reservoir, and the site of the new outlet that Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (DWP) will soon build to return a healing natural flow pattern to Rush Creek.

Garcetti has served as Mayor since the 2013 Stream Restoration Agreement was signed, and he and his administration have helped move that ground-breaking agreement towards final implementation in amended water licenses for DWP on Rush, Lee Vining, Parker, and Walker creeks.

Garcetti has launched visionary efforts to change water use in Los Angeles in ways that will make the city more self-sufficient in an era of climate change and reduce impacts on distant water sources like Mono Lake and the Owens Valley. The Mayor has committed Los Angeles to reducing per capita water consumption by 25% by 2035, sourcing 70% of the city’s water locally, recycling 100% of the city’s wastewater for potable use, and capturing 150,000 acre-feet of storm water.

We are expecting finalization of the licenses in the weeks ahead and are excited to welcome the Mayor back to the Mono Basin for a celebration event after final State Water Board action soon!