A group of people looking toward a creek with rock formations on the opposite bank.

Mono Basin campgrounds closing for the season soon

As fall sets in, the campgrounds in the Mono Basin begin to close for the season.

Campgrounds open, with estimated closing dates:

  • Lundy Canyon (closing November 15)
  • Aspen (no water after October 3)
  • Lower Lee Vining (closing November 8)
  • Big Bend (closing October 3)
  • Ellery Lake (closing October 3)
  • Junction (closing October 3)
  • Saddlebag Lake Trailhead (closing October 3)
  • Tioga Lake (closing October 3)
  • Silver Lake (closing October 31)
  • Reversed Creek (closing October 17)
  • Gull Lake (closing October 17)
  • June Lake (closing October 17)
  • Oh Ridge (closing October 17)

Campgrounds closed already:

  • Saddlebag Lake
  • Sawmill Walk-in
  • Moraine
  • Aerie Crag
Saddlebag Lake Trailhead campground, a picnic table is in the foreground, with pine trees and then saddlebag lake behind that and bright blue skies.
Saddlebag Lake Trailhead campground. Photo courtesy of James Kaiser.

Dispersed camping (camping outside of established campgrounds) is an option year-round in the Mono Basin. Check the map and guidelines at Camp Like a Pro for places where dispersed camping is allowed and the best practices to follow when dispersed camping.

Top photo by Elin Ljung.