Sunrise light on a grove of tufa towers emerging from the water of Mono Lake with soft green and dusty-red wild grasses in the foreground, Canada geese in the shallow water with reflections of the rocky towers, and desert hills in the distance.

Mono Lake Committee staff gift guide

Still looking for the last few holiday gifts on your list? Our helpful staff have put together this handy guide to our favorite things available in our online store. As always, 100% of any purchase made through our website supports our work to protect and restore Mono Lake!

Maureen’s daughters Sadie and Norah love the kids’ vintage Mono Lake hoodie!

Kids’ vintage Mono Lake hoodie
My daughter Sadie loves wearing her favorite lake on this comfy sweatshirt, especially when traveling outside of the Mono Basin. The kangaroo pocket is roomy enough to carry home all her found treasures. I like the gender-neutral color and that the sweatshirt is durable enough for a second life as a hand-me-down. —Maureen, Membership Assistant

Illia is a happy shrimp for Mono with her mom, Arya, and her kangaroo rat friend.

Shrimp for Mono toddler T-shirt
My most honest recommendation is that anyone thinking of getting this shirt for a kid in their lives should get two. I promise I’m not just trying to sell more shirts—my daughter Illia wants to wear this shirt every day, so having two keeps everyone in the family happy. —Arya, Communications Director

Eric wears the protect & restore Mono Lake baseball shirt that Joslyn recommends.

Protect & restore Mono Lake baseball shirt
The vintage-inspired logo on the front and baseball shirt style make me feel like an early Mono Lake activist from the late 1970s, chanting “save the brine shrimp!” and pouring a bucket of water into Mono Lake. I love sporting this shirt for a day of birding or hiking because it protects my shoulders and arms from the sun while also letting me display my affinity for Mono Lake for all the passersby to see! —Joslyn, Project Specialist

Nature, Love, Medicine
Nature Love Medicine is an inspiring collection of essays that weaves together personal stories and pays careful attention to the earth and our role on it. This collection is a poignant reminder of why access to nature and wildness is important not only for our present emotional and global health, but also for the future of our planet. Uplifting, truth-telling, and beautifully written, these stories will take you to Amazon rainforests, desert canyons, and Canadian lakes, but also, perhaps more importantly, lead you to your own backyard. —Nora, Lead Naturalist Guide

The Feather Thief
The Feather Thief is a gripping, true-crime story about the heist of hundreds of rare bird specimens from the British Museum of Natural History in 2009. The story begins in the nineteenth century when these birds were initially collected and then examines the Victorian art of salmon fly-tying and the modern obsession with this hobby, which requires feathers from some of rarest and most beautiful birds. The author explores the unregulated black market of rare bird feathers, which sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars before detailing the incredible museum heist and the subsequent investigation. This fast-paced read is sure to delight and fascinate anyone with an interest in birds, fly-tying, or true crime. —Andrew, Digital Engagement Coordinator

Sage & Sierra
The book begins in 1935, when Paul & Mary DeDecker moved from Southern California to the town of Independence after Paul took a job with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Their two daughters—Joan, who was three at the time of the move, and Carol, who was two—wrote this book, a memoir of what it was like growing up in the Eastern Sierra in the 1930s and 1940s. At first the stories are about life in town, but as the girls grew older their parents took them hiking and camping in the Sierra and the Inyo Mountains, and there are entertaining stories about those adventures, too. Sage & Sierra is a fun read that I am looking forward to finishing this winter. —Ellen, Membership Coordinator

Beartown kept me riveted for the short amount of time I took to read it—I couldn’t put it down—and I’m still thinking about it days later. What happens when an entire small town’s identity is wrapped up in the success of their hockey team? And what happens if a star hockey player commits a terrible crime? How do people choose sides, stick together, accuse each other, and preserve their community? Beartown is a great absorbing read for winter evenings on the couch nestled in a blanket. —Elin, Communications Coordinator

Mono Lake Committee utensil set
Show your support for the Mono Lake Committee with this reusable bamboo utensil set! This utensil set includes a spoon, fork, knife, and chopsticks, complete with a customized utensil holder in your choice several vibrant colors—I chose the green one. Made from sustainable and recycled materials, this set is great for reducing your “forkprint,” and cutting the number of single-use plastic utensils that make it to our landfills. Plus, it’s a perfect conversation starter for me to talk about my favorite lake. —Max, Mono Lake Intern

Wandering Bison candle
There are many aspects of the winter season I love … laughter with loved ones, cold adventures and warm meals, the sight of fresh snow on the mountains, and of course, all the wonderful smells. I was instantly drawn to the variety of candles from Wandering Bison. Not only are the candles made with USA-grown soy wax, the scents are lovely! The Base Camp scent was quite a sensory surprise when my co-worker held it up to my nose and I inhaled the smell of “campfire and whiskey.” I have to decide whether or not to keep it for myself or send to my brother-in-law! —Rose, Education Program Manager

Can’t find the perfect gift in our shop? There’s no need to pout, you can still do good for goodness’ sake by using this link when you shop on Amazon to contribute 5% of your purchase to the Mono Lake Committee. Happy shopping and happy holidays!