Sunrise light on a grove of tufa towers emerging from the water of Mono Lake with soft green and dusty-red wild grasses in the foreground, Canada geese in the shallow water with reflections of the rocky towers, and desert hills in the distance.

Refreshments with Refreshing ‘Ologists: Astronomy of the zodiac with David Hurst

For many centuries a unique band of stars called the zodiac has attracted the attention of humankind as we’ve gazed into the night sky. If you, like so many others, are fascinated by the stars then please join us Wednesday, July 30th at 4:00pm in the Mono Lake Committee Theater & Gallery for an afternoon lecture on the zodiac.

Stars over Mono Lake, in a photo taken without the use of any artificial light. Photo courtesy of Thomas Piekunka.

In Wednesday’s lecture astronomer David Hurst will shed light on why the zodiac has captivated our interest for hundreds of years. He will also offer tips on how to view these stars in the Eastern Sierra night sky. We hope to see you there!