A hearing room with people seated in a semicircular room with reporters with large video cameras and a witness at the witness stand in front of a map display with Mono Lake on it.

Thirty years since Decision 1631 “saved” Mono Lake

“Today we saved Mono Lake,” announced California State Water Resources Control Board member Marc Del Piero back in 1994 upon the unanimous approval of Decision 1631, which established the mandate to protect Mono Lake at the 6,392-foot level. We are…

Windblown dust on the north shore of Mono Lake in the distance, the town of Lee Vining is in the foreground.

Mono Lake not rising on schedule

Low lake vulnerable to drought & climate change; rule changes needed to accomplish lake protection On a warm fall day in 1994, I walked into the state capitol building alongside a crowd of Mono Lake advocates. We assembled in a…