Green grass with fluffy seed heads lines the shore of a lake, tufa formations are in the water offshore.

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Tufa on the shore of Mono Lake with clouds in the distance.

Ringing in 2022: Enduring collaborations

This essay, written by Karen A. Hegtvedt, appears in the 2022 Mono Lake Calendar. Twenty-two (nonconsecutive) years of Mono Lake calendars sit on a shelf in the hallway closet. Over 264 visual reminders of the unique landscape of the Mono…
A huge orange full moon hangs in a purple sky and is reflected over the blue-purple water of Mono Lake.

Ringing in 2021: Stories may save us yet

This essay, written by Kristine Zeigler, appears in the 2021 Mono Lake Calendar. Please, stop what you’re doing and hop in. I am going to take you to Mono Lake, one of North America’s oldest lakes, transporting you with my words…