Mono Lake Committee staffer standing with their back to Mono Lake talking to a tour group, tufa and scattered clouds are in the background.

South Tufa Self-Guided Tour

 Tap play below to listen on headphones.

Welcome to the Mono Basin—a gorgeous, otherworldly landscape with huge, sweeping views of the high desert all around and the magnificent Sierra Nevada above. Mono Lake, this expansive terminal lake which defines this basin, is special for many reasons, including its hemispherically-important ecology, complex water history and management, and also as a place where people are doing their best to right the wrongs of the past.

You currently stand in the Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, situated in the larger Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area. If you choose to listen to the narration of this tour, be sure to use headphones to allow others to enjoy the natural soundscape of Mono Lake in this protected place.

This tour has eight stops along the South Tufa loop trail which is about one mile round trip and will take about 45 minutes.

To navigate between stops, you can use the forward and back arrows on the bottom of each page. The map button will display your current location and a list of stops (see below), allowing you to find the stop closest to you. The home button will return you to this page.

Begin at the South Tufa kiosk where the paved trail to the lake begins.