A small brown streaked owl perches surrounded by branches and leaves.

Virtual seminars start January 30 with Bird Anatomy & Physiology

Do you have birds on the brain? Do you want to buff up on your knowledge of bird bones and body parts this winter? There is space available in the Bird Anatomy & Physiology Virtual Seminar, which takes place on Sunday, January 30. Sign up today!

Next week, we will learn about bird skeletons and organ systems and how they support birds to survive with delicate bodies that can provide powerful flight. Did you know that birds breathe very differently than humans? We have a muscle called the diaphragm that helps pull and push air in and out of our lungs, but birds don’t have this muscle—so how do they breathe? Find out how in our seminar next week and see what else you can learn!

We have space in all our virtual seminars—these six seminars focus on bird biology: anatomy & physiology; feathers & flight; food & foraging, mating, social & vocal behavior; breeding biology; and migration & dispersal. If you sign up for all six, it is basically a mini ornithology course broken up into easily digestible sections. You can also pick and choose what you’d like to learn about by taking just one or two seminars. These seminars are recorded, and participants have access to the recordings mid-May.

Sign up for seminars today and spend some time learning this winter while it’s dark in the evenings so you will be ready to make the most of longer days come spring!

Top photo by Nora Livingston.