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Mono Lake Weather Information
Expanded for Members

Current Lee Vining Temperature

Mono Lake Committee members get access to the expanded weather information and graphs below.

Temperature Since Midnight
Heat Index Since Midnight
Temperature Graph: 1 day   Heat Index Graph: 1 day
Temperature Graph: 1 week
Wind Chill Graph: 1 Day
Wind Gust Since Midnight
Wind Chill Since Midnight
Wind Direction Since Midnight
Wind Direction
Wind Speed Graph: 1 week
Wind Speed Graph: 1 day
Seasonal Precipitation Graph: 1 week
Daily Precipitation Graph: 1 day
Daily Precipitation Tube
  Dew Point
Humidity Since Midnight   Dew Point Since Midnight
Humidity Graph: 1 day
Dew Point Graph: 1 day
Barometer Graph: 1 week
Barometer Now
Barometer Since Midnight
Barometer Rate of Change
Aircraft Info: Lee Vining Elevation 6800' Above Sea Level
Density Altitude
Cloud Base


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Lee Vining
Mono County
Yosemite & Central Sierra
Bishop & Owens Valley
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Solar System


Satellite and Radar

Mono County Radar
Intellicast Interactive
NOAA Satellite Images
California Daily Satellite



Bodie (1964-present)
Lee Vining (1988-present)
Mono Lake (1950-1988)
Western Regional Climate


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