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Concrete Mono Lake is going in….

May 23rd, 2012 by Elin, Communications Coordinator
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This morning we changed the angle of the Remodel Cam to show the metal frame of our roughly ten-foot-square Mono Lake map out in front of the store. The map will be filled with blue concrete sometime in the next week, with a pale stain for Paoha Island and a dark stain for Negit Island. Keep your eye on the cam to see the concrete map take shape….

Staff and contractors admire the lake frame before getting it oriented just right. Photo by Arya Degenhardt.

A cool detail about the map—the concrete slab around the lake needs seams in order to expand and contract with changing temperatures. Instead of plunking the seams anywhere, Roy of Escoto Construction & Design had the good idea to place the seams north-south and east-west to indicate the cardinal directions. Even better, we mapped them out to correspond to the 38th parallel and 119 degrees of longitude, which both run right through Mono Lake!

2 Responses to “Concrete Mono Lake is going in….”

  1. avatar David Carle Says:

    Ooh, I like the orientation detail tied to the latitude and longitude. When our 38th Parallel around the world book comes out, maybe people can buy it in the bookstore and go out and see the lines that inspired the trip.

  2. avatar William Moramarco Says:

    The World can witness significant history at Mono Lake.